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Confidentiality and non-circumvention Agreement

Description of Property/s: All properties hereinafter, by any means, introduced, referred or shown by Allied International Brokers agents.

Description of Property/s: "All properties hereinafter, by any means, introduced, referred or shown by Allied International Brokers agents." Preliminary and detailed information regarding all properties hereinafter singly and collectively referred as “PROPERTY” is provided by Allied International Brokers, Inc. (AIB) Via E-mail Fax or Mail Service to the Undersigned and/or its agent, partner or assignees hereinaftersingly and collectively referred as “PROSPECT”. The PROSPECT understands and agrees that any information with respect to thePROPERTY furnished to the PROSPECT is highly sensitive and strictly confidential, and shall be maintained by the PROSPECT with the utmost confidence. The PROSPECT understands that all such information is being furnished, including, but not limited to, the identity of said property and/or business(s) is in all respects of a confidential nature and that any disclosure or use of said information by the PROSPECT,except for the express purpose of evaluation for the intent of purchase or merger, may cause serious harm or damage to the business(s), its owner(s) and proprietor(s). As a Principal/Agent/Broker and that the Broker/Agent and every Principal must sign this agreement. The PROSPECT agrees that such information about the PROPERTY obtained by it or any of its employees, Officers, agents, attorneys, directors, stockholders, financial institutions or representatives shall remain strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed or revealed to outside sources or made use of for personal or corporate gain in any manner inconsistent with this agreement. PROSPECT agrees that within two yearsfrom date of receiving, if he/she wishes to obtain more information concerning the subject property or contact or meet with the Seller/Owner, the request will be made through Allied International Brokers (AIB). If the PROSPECT wishes to make an offer to purchase/lease or a Letter of Intentto purchase/lease the subject property or any portion or any property from Seller/Owner thereof, the offer will be made only through Allied International Brokers (AIB), hereunder. In the event that PROSPECT discloses the availability of said property to a third party and this thirdparty purchase the subject property or any portion without the Allied International Brokers (AIB), the PROSPECT, will be responsible for the payment of BROKER’S compensation to Allied International Brokers (AIB) which would have been payable on the listed selling price orminimum compensation 6% of selling price, whichever is greater, plus for all attorneys fees and costs incurred by Allied International Brokers (AIB) to enforce this agreement. Allied International Brokers (AIB). makes no representations or warranty as to the accuracy or validity of the information furnished with respect to the subject property. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.

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